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Event: "Haiti: Where Did the Money Go?"

Monday, March 12, in New York, there will be a showing of the above-named documentary, followed by a panel featuring filmmaker Michele Mitchell, Manolia Charlotin of the Boston Haitian Reporter and some guy called Jonathan M. Katz. The documentary’s description:

In January 2010, when an 7.0 earthquake devastated Haiti, people across the world gave more generously than to any disaster in history. In the United States alone, half of all households gave a total of $1.4 billion to charities. Yet almost two years later more than half a million people still live in squalid camps. Only a few have access to drinking water. Sanitation is woefully inadequate. Malnutrition and cholera are on the rise. What happened?


The event is at: 

Steelcase Inc.
4 Columbus Circle (58th Street & Eight Avenue) 
New York, NY 10019

The film starts at 6:30. There is food if you come half an hour earlier. It’s open to the public but you have to buy a ticket (information on that at the above link or this one here.)

You can also preview the documentary on Youtube.

See you there.

(P.S. - If you know where the money went, please tell me in the comments below.)